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Commercial photography is more than capturing an aesthetically pleasing image. It must convey your message in a brief, intriguing and captivating layout. At VIM Studios, we inject our ethos and passion of life, enthusiasm, vitality and energy into every pixel.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography demands far more than delicate lighting and correct ambiance. Whether you’re capturing a product or using visual content to entice potential customers, every pixel must deliver your unique message. By combining visual storytelling and innovative techniques, our commercial photographs engage your intended audience by invoking raw, genuine emotion.

Events Photography

Regardless of the event, these whirlwind experiences are often over before you have time to truly appreciate its beauty and impact. Event photography demands the creativity of a storyteller and the keen timing of a journalistic photographer.

Whether a small gathering or a sprawling conference, a photographer must understand how to perfectly capture overarching moments and intimate encounters. Unlike traditional commercial photographers, corporate event photography requires both creativity and formality.

Our corporate event photography service provides full-coverage of the event to perfectly tell its story.


Business Photography

Much like corporate photography, business photography using visual storytelling as a means of stimulating engagement.

The primary goal of business photographs is to establish the personality of your company, also known as your brand.

Whether you’re a new startup or an established entity, VIM Studio combines our talent with the unique persona of your business to transform your internal and external marketing efforts.

Corporate Photography

In essence, corporate photography conveys a company’s brand, services, experience and personality. In actuality, it serves as a powerful conduit for intimate connections between a business and its desired audience. In a crowded marketplace, words only accomplish so much. Images, however, offer a unique vantage point in how your company is viewed. Digital and traditional marketing efforts require innovative photography to attract potential customers.

Whether you’re looking for dynamic imagery capable of eliciting genuine intrigue or a series of photographs designed to showcase the quirky nature of your business personality, we bring innovative techniques and world-class equipment to every photo session.

Advertising Photography

At the heart of advertising is empathy. Imagine trying to sell a product or service without trying to speak with customers, but rather at them? In our highly competitive marketplace, empathic advertising photography is key to transform an onlooker into a loyal customer.

Regardless of your advertising campaign, imagery must not only convey your business and product message, but simultaneously communicate with customers. Not just any visual communication will do. Empathic, or targeted, photographs provoke real responses and reactions from viewers.

VIM Studio studies target demographic, and industry standards, to cultivate powerful imagery capable of eliciting genuine intrigue.

Architecture Photography

Imparting the intricate details of a building requires a solid understanding of architectural nuances based upon style, year built and image purpose. Regardless of purpose, such as real estate brochures or documenting a historic structure, architecture photography gives the photographer an opportunity to showcase an unwavering structure in a new light.Communicating the small and large curvatures, facade or purpose of a building requires an abstract observation of a relatively straightforward subject.

VIM Studio relishes in the opportunity to capture architectural designs for our clients. Through imaginative storytelling, our architecture photography reveals the personality behind every building.

Product and Food Photography

Even if you provide the best products or services within an industry, its true impact is muted without proper visual representation.

Product and food photography is considered one of the most challenging commercial-based photography services as it demands bringing an inanimate object to life.

VIM Studio delves into the overall purpose and “personality” needed to create a successful product and food photography session. Along with beautifully capturing its visual aesthetic, we perfectly depict it by accessing the overarching purpose of the product, company and marketing campaign.


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