Video Marketing

The Visualization of Your Brand

VIM Studios builds stronger brands and unwavering loyalty through innovative video production services and video marketing, and a genuine desire to bridge the gap between business and customer.

The role of video production services in marketing and communication is only expected to grow. To remain relevant within your industry, you must use a video production service capable of intertwining your unique vision with the needs and expectations of your audience. At VIM Studios, we help companies both large and small translate their vision into a powerful, engaging and impactful visual story.

Our ethos, “Vim & Vigor,” reflects the true difference between our services and those of other production houses. Within every frame, viewers are treated to the fullness of life, enthusiasm, vitality and energy our studio was built upon.

Video Production Services

At VIM Studios we produce video content via scientific creativity. Every client has a personality, and every message has a purpose. We delve beyond the visual aesthetics of video marketing and integrate the science of inspiring and engaging videos with our passion for creative storytelling.

Creating videos people want to watch demands not only superior content and visually appealing production, but a deeper understanding of the overarching purpose of your video. As video becomes the primary tool casual and corporate consumers require for decision making, production value and content organization is paramount for success.


Video Marketing – The Marriage of Creativity and Business

Effective and impactful marketing videos don’t simply cast your business in a positive light.Regardless of its overall purpose, video marketing requires the creativity of a visionary and the results-driven view of an analytical brain.

VIM Studios delivers results by cultivating videos that speak with your target audience via customized voice and imagery.Speaking the language of customers strengthens your brand and establishes a powerful level of trust. It’s only when this trust is solidified can your message truly be heard. And as any marketing professional will tell you, trust is the cornerstone of conversions.

Corporate Video Production – Fortifying Growth and Reputation

As our digital world evolves, corporate communication methods must adapt to meet the needs and expectations of employees and customers.
Effective corporate video production streamlines necessary internal procedures, such as training new employees or releasing widespread company changes. External corporate communications, such as testimonial interviews, help build your reputation on deeper levels than traditional marketing campaigns.

Corporate video production requires a deeper understanding of how businesses interact within themselves and with the public. VIM Studios cultivates every corporate video project with a desire to enhance your reputation through inventive production measures and powerful brand-building techniques.

Marketing Videos – Don’t Just Grab Attention, Convert It!

The goal of every marketing video campaign is to reach viral status. And why not? Within a matter of days, your video could be viewed millions of times. There isn’t a formula guaranteeing this level of success. Thankfully, successful marketing videos aren’t just those who end up on a talk show.

A truly successful marketing video is one that not only attracts attention, but converts a viewer into a customer.

VIM Studios cultivates every marketing video according to the unique personality and desires of your target audience. Visual storytelling is more than just cool graphics and quality video resolution. It’s about supporting genuine empathy from viewers. Make this connection and watch your sales explode!

Event Videos – Our Imagination, Your Experience

Event video production doesn’t seem to difficult, right? All you need is a capable cameraman and decent post-production software, right? Wrong! Event videography is among the most challenging as it’s an ever-evolving scenario filled with unknowns.

VIM Studios values the potential live events have on long-term marketing campaigns. Our videographers capture your company’s biggest moments and translate them into an enjoyable, exciting and powerful visual archive.


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